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Wooden surfaces

A-Kapula first works were of various public facilities manufacturing oak stair rails bending. From the very beginning we have been supplying our customers with curved wooden panels, and interior design panels.

Birch plywood is made of light colored, have been at all times a very sought-after good staining and varnishing properties. The stylish public spaces interior wall panels and roof cladding have been popular for decades. We have invested in innovative, high-quality and security of supply.

Interior panels punching, we have developed accurate measurement methods. We have used birch bark roof, for example, where the roof structure is the only load-bearing structure. It is manufactured specifically directed birch plywood and is unique in Finland and throughout the world.

Fire safety

Our production now include fire-resistant interior panels, which are the latest achievement in product development. Fire safety products, consists of two different products:
Normal birch plywood coated with fire protective finish, which does not ignite and does not contribute to burn, but does not prevent hiillyttyään actual wood burning. Varnish is varnish manufacturer's certification expired palamattomuudesta.
Another fire-resistant product is completely non-combustible surface of flame retardants in lacquered wood plate. This is a completely non-combustible material, which is burning experiments show that the form of smoke or burn. Material can be used to build a wood plate-like wall and ceiling surfaces, including acoustic and perforated plates.
Fire polish the surface quality of the furniture surface coating categories.

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